Is Everybody Addicted?

April 12, 2011

I often wonder if everybody is addicted,, and then I realize that more likely than not,, my theory is true. Think about it,, almost everybody does something that would be and probably could be labeled as an addiction.

Do you eat? Do you have a favorite food? Do you ever say,, I’m addicted to ,,,, or words to that effect? Then perhaps it is an addiction,, perhaps not,, but perhaps so.

I am watching a TV show called “my strange addiction” and wonder if I’m addicted to damn near everything. I know I’m seeing the next show being advertised as “help,, I’m a hoarder.” So maybe I’m in one of those strange addictions.

I wonder just exactly what I’m addicted to,, and then I know,, it’s psychodrama.

I’m addicted to psychodrama. Plain and simple. So why write this stuff and publish it to people who I don’t even know?

I’ll say this,, I enjoy doing this. It helps me not to be afraid of telling my truths. That allows me to become a better lawyer,, simply telling the truth,, my truth.

May peace be with you.


And So, It’s Another Day In Paradise

April 12, 2011

I say it’s another day in paradise and then again,, I mean it. Think about it,, I’m alive,, I’m above ground,, I get to go to court and have my fun and I love it.

So another day in paradise,, oh yea,, by the way,, everyone’s poop stinks..


And So,, Irritation and Trial

April 10, 2011

I’m feeling a might bit irritated right about now. I feel as though the sky is falling on me and it’s my fault. I am upset, angry,, frustrated,, full of spite and not dealing well with others.

I often wonder if I’m alone. I am so tired of people not listening to me and them understanding about my horrible trial schedule. I am in trial and only have a certain amount of time to do other things. It seems to me that as an attorney,, I have a job to do,, representing my clients.

It seems to me that the people whom I willingly let in and around my life do not respect my boundaries and are not at all concerned about my problems,, only theirs. I wonder why that is?

I am certain the problems are of my own making,, my own decisions to take on responsibilities,, then only to have the people disregard my time and energy it takes to effectively do my job.

I’m sorry,, and when I say I can only spend 8 hours,, I mean only 8 hours. I do not mean 12,, I mean 8 and I have a need to start and end on time. It is a commitment that one of my trainers makes each day and I’m beginning to understand why he does that.

I need certain things in my life and I’m willing to do certain things to help others,, and guess what,, when you take advantage of my time and do not respect what you are asking me to do,, do not ask me ever again to do something for you.

I will not do it,, when I’m not being heard,, seen and witnessed. I get very cranky these days and guess what,, it’s my right to do so. I alone can choose when to get mad, angry, upset, playful,, etc., and when my time is being taken for granted and wasted,, I’m not interested in that anymore.

Use me once,, piss on me,, use me twice piss on me,, use me the third time and guess what,, good-bye.

The end.

Good Morning Sunday

April 10, 2011

I’m done,, through and ready to start over. I mean it. I’ve had it. I will no longer tolerate me being used,, abused ir taken advantage or granted any longer.

It’s done. Normally, I write in the present tense,, write in the tense of being,, today,, I write in the sense of “being done”. It is over, finished,, caput and above all,, just plain time to quit.

I will not be abused anymore by myself or anyone else. I am not going to be used anymore,, nor am I going to continue feeling this way about me any longer.

I’m starting over today,,, starting over with a renewed sense of passion,, a renewed sense of justice and a renewed sense of mission.

I sincerely wish to thank those who have guided me for the last year or two,, it’s been an interesting ride,, now it’s time to move on.

May each of you find peace and find the point in your life where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Hey,, I Finally Figure It Out,,, I Get Some Sleep,, I Am Okay

April 8, 2011

Well, it goes without saying,, just thinking for me,, or more correctly feeling,, that I perform better when I’m well rested.

I am on the go constantly and lately,, things are crazy for me,, so guess what,, I suffer,, I go without rest and I don’t do well.

Anyway,, today,, after hectic court appearances,, my own dramas and then just resting for 3 hours,, I’m good and gonna have fun.

Right now,, if I tell you what I’m having fun doing,, I be the ostracised,, cast away and shunned by the crowd of people who practice religion.

Anyway,, I accept them as they are and have fun,, tonight,, it’s fun.

I meet some new friends and now will  enjoy life.

May each if you find your joy and peace.


Friday Court

April 8, 2011

It’s Friday and it’s time for court. I am speaking about trial and I’m really, really tired and not ready for this trial.

Sometimes,, you just have to fake it,, sometimes you just have to suit up and show up and today is one of those days.

Fake it until I awake it.

May each of you have a great day and may each of you find happiness in your journey of life.




Thursday’s Court Appearance

April 7, 2011

I am getting ready for court this morning when I suddenly realize that I may have to go to trial on Monday and I do not want to,, nor am I ready to go to trial Monday.

It has been a long and troubling week and I’m just not ready for this mess,, so I’m hoping the court will grant my continuance and not put me to trial.

Anyway, we’ll see. Here’s off to court and not wanting to go to trial.


Wednesday Court

April 6, 2011

It’s Wednesday and it’s court time for me. I’m ready to go and appear at court and then go and get back so I can get ready for trial in Houston.

It takes a lot out of me getting ready for trial. I am working very hard on emotional issues in the trial we will certainly face and guess what,, it’s harder than preparing traditionally.

It used to be that I would prepare by focusing on issues that seem to matter,, you know the law and that crap,, and recently,, I focus on emotions.

My poor clients haven’t got any clue when it comes to how much they have to work on issues they may not want to face,, and they get tired very quickly,, as do I.

In the end,, it’s the emotions juries make decisions with,, not cold dead law or facts.

May each of you find peace in your journey today and have happiness and joy for your day.


Tuesday And More Unsocial Behavior

April 4, 2011

I am writing this post today because I am not feeling very well today. I make some rather unpleasant noises while on my throne and wonder what would happen if I were in public and make those noises.

So, as I ponder the meaning of life,, I ponder the meaning of appropriate social behavior. I mean this,, what’s appropriate? I know criminal laws are in place to prevent certain behavior from becoming social issues,, but I am learing that as I get older,, I make noises that I never made before,, I have wrinkles,, I have certain body part replacements and I am over 29 now for a few years.

So what is appropriate social behavior for me? I often think,, living alone as I do,, that my behavior is getting more and more antisocial. I really do things that I probably didn’t do when I am living with someone,, I am a clean person,, but I do make more noises than before,, make more social missteps than before and constantly do not follow Amy Vanderbilt’s social guidelines like I should.

So,, as get older,, live alone more and ponder,, what is unsocial behavior,, I make those noises that I didn’t before,, I wake up and do not always make the appropriate decisions,, I am learning that the most important thing for me is accountability,, and not lying to myself first and foremost.

In the end,, my unsocial behavior is not as bad as it could be,, it just is another area of my life that needs work. I am still working on being perfectly imperfect.


Monday and I Again Oversleep

April 4, 2011

Well,, it’s Monday and I have once again managed to oversleep,, which I need after an exhausting weekend of psychodrama. I did not do much work this weekend on a personal level,, by that I mean I did not do a drama,, however,, I participate in several.

It’s kinda interesting to note that once I usually don’t do any personal drama work,, I’m still learning,, participating and growing. Sometimes,, I just don’t always get into action,, I get into help.

Anyway,, I am going to the gym to work out,, the bank to deposit some money and then the work begins on a case I’m getting ready for trial with a client that drove in from Houston to work.

May each of you know the words,, peace,, live them daily and profit through love.