And So,, Irritation and Trial

I’m feeling a might bit irritated right about now. I feel as though the sky is falling on me and it’s my fault. I am upset, angry,, frustrated,, full of spite and not dealing well with others.

I often wonder if I’m alone. I am so tired of people not listening to me and them understanding about my horrible trial schedule. I am in trial and only have a certain amount of time to do other things. It seems to me that as an attorney,, I have a job to do,, representing my clients.

It seems to me that the people whom I willingly let in and around my life do not respect my boundaries and are not at all concerned about my problems,, only theirs. I wonder why that is?

I am certain the problems are of my own making,, my own decisions to take on responsibilities,, then only to have the people disregard my time and energy it takes to effectively do my job.

I’m sorry,, and when I say I can only spend 8 hours,, I mean only 8 hours. I do not mean 12,, I mean 8 and I have a need to start and end on time. It is a commitment that one of my trainers makes each day and I’m beginning to understand why he does that.

I need certain things in my life and I’m willing to do certain things to help others,, and guess what,, when you take advantage of my time and do not respect what you are asking me to do,, do not ask me ever again to do something for you.

I will not do it,, when I’m not being heard,, seen and witnessed. I get very cranky these days and guess what,, it’s my right to do so. I alone can choose when to get mad, angry, upset, playful,, etc., and when my time is being taken for granted and wasted,, I’m not interested in that anymore.

Use me once,, piss on me,, use me twice piss on me,, use me the third time and guess what,, good-bye.

The end.


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