Is Everybody Addicted?

I often wonder if everybody is addicted,, and then I realize that more likely than not,, my theory is true. Think about it,, almost everybody does something that would be and probably could be labeled as an addiction.

Do you eat? Do you have a favorite food? Do you ever say,, I’m addicted to ,,,, or words to that effect? Then perhaps it is an addiction,, perhaps not,, but perhaps so.

I am watching a TV show called “my strange addiction” and wonder if I’m addicted to damn near everything. I know I’m seeing the next show being advertised as “help,, I’m a hoarder.” So maybe I’m in one of those strange addictions.

I wonder just exactly what I’m addicted to,, and then I know,, it’s psychodrama.

I’m addicted to psychodrama. Plain and simple. So why write this stuff and publish it to people who I don’t even know?

I’ll say this,, I enjoy doing this. It helps me not to be afraid of telling my truths. That allows me to become a better lawyer,, simply telling the truth,, my truth.

May peace be with you.


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