Wednesday Court

It’s Wednesday and it’s court time for me. I’m ready to go and appear at court and then go and get back so I can get ready for trial in Houston.

It takes a lot out of me getting ready for trial. I am working very hard on emotional issues in the trial we will certainly face and guess what,, it’s harder than preparing traditionally.

It used to be that I would prepare by focusing on issues that seem to matter,, you know the law and that crap,, and recently,, I focus on emotions.

My poor clients haven’t got any clue when it comes to how much they have to work on issues they may not want to face,, and they get tired very quickly,, as do I.

In the end,, it’s the emotions juries make decisions with,, not cold dead law or facts.

May each of you find peace in your journey today and have happiness and joy for your day.



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