Tuesday And More Unsocial Behavior

I am writing this post today because I am not feeling very well today. I make some rather unpleasant noises while on my throne and wonder what would happen if I were in public and make those noises.

So, as I ponder the meaning of life,, I ponder the meaning of appropriate social behavior. I mean this,, what’s appropriate? I know criminal laws are in place to prevent certain behavior from becoming social issues,, but I am learing that as I get older,, I make noises that I never made before,, I have wrinkles,, I have certain body part replacements and I am over 29 now for a few years.

So what is appropriate social behavior for me? I often think,, living alone as I do,, that my behavior is getting more and more antisocial. I really do things that I probably didn’t do when I am living with someone,, I am a clean person,, but I do make more noises than before,, make more social missteps than before and constantly do not follow Amy Vanderbilt’s social guidelines like I should.

So,, as get older,, live alone more and ponder,, what is unsocial behavior,, I make those noises that I didn’t before,, I wake up and do not always make the appropriate decisions,, I am learning that the most important thing for me is accountability,, and not lying to myself first and foremost.

In the end,, my unsocial behavior is not as bad as it could be,, it just is another area of my life that needs work. I am still working on being perfectly imperfect.



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