Another Working Sunday

I’m working this Sunday and it’s kinda neat. I go to bed early and can not get to sleep,, so I am up most if not all of the night. I have seminar today and then,, have to come back home and begin working on an answer, a lawsuit and some pleadings.

I usually woud sleep in today, and for some reason,,, I can’t.

Maybe I took too much medicine for my knee last night,, maybe,, it’s because I’m very upset at someone,, or maybe it’s because I just couldn’t sleep,, I really don’t know why,, I just know,, I didn’t sleep at all.

Anyway,, today is a new day and it’s time to go have some fun and do some work.

I guess this coming week,, I have to do some work I make a commitment to do and guess what,, I’d better do it.

May each of you find your own peace as you travel throughout your life.



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