Case Preparation

I’m preparing for one case and another client demands that I come and see him immediately. I won’t. I will when I can,, and not just this very second, I’m preparing to go into the arena shortly and I’m working on someone else’s case,, so it must take priority.

I see clients when I can and not when they demand I do. I have more than one client and I must prioritize my time for those who need me the most when the time is correct for me,, not them.

My other client,, who is working with me getting ready for trial,, is more important right now than someone else who I’ve just been hired. I not saying that he isn’t important,, I’m just saying that I have to work on other cases and when the time is correct,, the client complaining,, will then get my attention 100 %.

May each of you have a wonderful, peaceful,, productive day filled with joy and love.



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