Monday Morning

It’s a Monday morning and I’ve got to get up and go to court. I stay up late last night working on some cases and making phone calls,,, and before I know it,, its past midnight.

I usually have to try to sleep a bit more,, however,, this time,, no go. I can’t have the time to sleep and the time to work and work  must get done,, so little or no sleep.

I have a client coming in from Houston today and I have to work with this client for 2 or 3 days,, a client that is reluctant to work with the methods I am using,, and I’m not too happy about that. Anyway,, it’s time to work.

I just feel sometimes like I’m not getting everything done I want to get done and then I realize that clients like the one I’m working with,, present the greatest challenge for me of any case, client or situation.

The client presents more trouble than most and guess what,, I’m not too happy,, and I don’t know how this will work out. Anyway,, it’s off to court then meeting the client and trying to work together.



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