Come On,, Let’s Play

Come on now,, let’s play,, let’s play. Let’s have fun and no worries. No worries,, just play.

I can not tell you why I am interested in playing,, I just am. Actually,, I’m still very tired from traveling and working so hard that I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted.

I need to work,, need to feel complete,, and yet,, I don’t. Then again,, when I don’t feel complete,, I want some release,, something to fill me up. I no longer do drugs or drink alcohol,, so I need something that fills me up when I am.

I suddenly realize that maybe just being me is all I am and all I’ll ever be,, so maybe in that moment,, I need not create something to fill a need I really don’t have,, I’ve just convinced myself that I do need in that exact moment and I really don’t.

Maybe,, just maybe,, I’m complete and don’t even know it. Maybe just maybe.

Anyway,, I am writing this stuff down and maybe I’ll understand myself better,, maybe someone will read this crap and know,, maybe,, just maybe,, I’ll be me without a need to fill needs that I create.

May each of you have peace as you journey throughout your life and just be.



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