And Now, I’m In Tampa

I’m here in Tampa sitting with my good friend and great trial lawyer and working up a case that is tempting to me because I love trial,, I love the clients,, and the doctors are excellent.

I desire to win for my clients,, for my best friend and for my own ego.

I can not help but realize the ego in me is something that has survived and caused me to survive many things in the past and now,, it tends to get me into trouble.

I know that winning is everything to the client,, but winning to me is changing. Winning to me is the ability to tell my truth,, be seen,, be heard and be witnessed.

I love to win and want to win for everyone involved,, so I must find my truth in this case and tell my truth and in the end,, I will win again.

May each of you find your own truth and win your cases as you travel throughout your life.



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