When You Tell Someone You Love Them,, They Intrepret It through Their Eyes,, Not Mine

I tell several people a day I love them and I do. I don’t mean physical love,, (at least not all the time),, I mean I love them for who they are and what they are.

Is it wrong to tell people you love them? I think not. Is it safe to say that on the first meeting? Sometimes, just for me,, it is. Sometimes,, it isn’t. I have a client I tell her I love her because I love her courage, strength,, dedication,, honesty,, integrity and most of all,, just being herself.

I tell some men I love them for the same and sometimes different reasons,, all good. I don’t mean love as a physical thing,, but as a loving person I see in them and how it touches my life with their acts of kindness and compassion. I admire that very much.

It is often too rigid a society I see that only expresses love in the bedroom or in the relationship of marriage,, I say let love flow in all relationships.

I am not gay,, I accept gay people, straight people,, confused people,, all types of people. I love that each and every person is unique and special and I accept,, not judge people for who they are.

It helps with jury selection. Anyway,, sometimes,, acts of kindness and gestures of well-being are often met with people who question the essence of the gesture of gift and misinterpret the gift of love.

I hope that when someone does or offers something nice to you,, that you accept it without caring about the motivation behind the gift. Sometimes you are right,, and then again,, sometimes you are wrong .

So,, just accept and don’t analyze,, accept love,, no matter what you may think,, the giver is truly the only one who knows why he or she gives the gift.

I offered a friend a massage and facial the other day at the place I stay. I got a 2 hour treatment for $60.00 and it was great. I get an email telling me that there is no relationship ever possible in the romantic sense and that isn’t what I even wanted. I just wanted to let another enjoy a great massage and facial,, for a very reasonable price and have fun,, that’s all. Period.

Anyway,, love comes in m any different forms,, it is our own interpretation of the gift that causes the anxiety,, not the giver of the gift.

In this situation,, I receive an email telling me how I think and how blah, blah, blah, blah it is,, I didn’t think that,, I thought only how nice it might feel to the person receiving the massage and facial. Physical connection is not my goal with this individual,, just a gift of love,, maybe something she’s never received before.

Sometimes,, I just buy a gift because it just feels right to me and I’m thinking that it might be special for someone,, and that’s all. I know when I want to romance and when that occurs,, I make sure I am within the boundaries of myself and respecting the boundaries of the other,, before I give the gift.

Anyway,, sometimes,, a gift is just a gift,, period.

May each of you have the opportunity to give the greatest gift you can,, that of yourself.



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