Caution,, Not For Hire For Free

Caution,, I’m not for hire for free. Sometimes,, I take pro bono cases,, those that I do with absolutely no expectation of compensation,, and then there are those cases whose owners (“clients”) think that I am supposed to represent them for free.

I won’t. I won’t,, unless I and I alone make the decision to represent them for no money.

I have changed my office policies,, no I won’t call you,, it’s your case. If you are interested in your case,, then you call me,, I’ll call you back. I am not your babysitter,, therapist, mother, father, brother, spouse, sister or priest,, I am your lawyer.

If you don’t give a shit about your case to call me and make an appointment,, why the hell should I?

I demand clients who want to win,, not finish second,, and if you want to finish second,, hire a second place lawyer,, not me.

You call me,, I’ll return the call. You put forth the effort to work,, I’ll work. You show up and work,, I’ll do the same ten fold over. Otherwise,, no go.

You want to work,, I’m right there,, you want to forget about your case,, I’m out of here.



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