Here We Go Again,, NOT

I have an ex client who insists on having me represent her. I won’t. I find that my clients love my passion for my work and I love them,, and more correctly,, working with some ex clients is impossible. Now, I of course don’t mean a physical love,, but a love for the person and a love of winning, caring and seeing, hearing and witnessing someone.

Let me explain it this way,, this ex client tells me,, the lawyer,, how much time she is willing to put into her case,, how much time she will work on it and that is all. Me ex client explains that I should know all the information I need to know just by working with her for the very short period of time I did.

I also understand my client is asking for a substantial amount of money and even turned down one offer that wasn’t unreasonable,, maybe just not an offer that is acceptable to her.

I am not the smartest guy in the world,, however,, even I know the more amount of time, effort,, energy and work you put into a case,, the better the chance of winning the case or getting a higher settlement figure.

So why is it that some people want to be their own doctor,, plumber,, dentist,, or even lawyer? I believe it has to do with control. The desire to be in control and not trust those who are trying to help is the mainstay, in my opinion,, of the reason people mistrust others.

Sometimes,, it is a bad experience,, sometimes, it’s an old wound,, sometimes it’s a personality trait or whatever,, but in the end,, if you need a lawyer,, doctor, dentist,, let them do their job.

I won’t accept less than that. My life is becoming more and more beautiful each day I arise and see the sun,, so why should I carry around the misery of others? I am not a therapist,, I am a lawyer.

In a complex case,, when you are asking a group of 12 new people for help,, you damn well better be prepared to answer every possible question,, else the group of 12 (jury) will ask and yes answer their own questions without the input of your information and in my experience,,, that ain’t good.

I won’t be involved with clients who will not work on their own cases anymore to the extent I am satisfied with understanding it,, telling the story and revealing the betrayal.

I hope everyone understands now why I tell my clients to call me,, not me calling them except in certain situations. Sometimes,, my promise to return a phone call gets delayed,, I forget,, or whatever reason and then the client gets upset at me and begins to lose trust in me.

If however,, the client is told that it is your case and if you aren’t that interested in it,, then don’t call me. I find most clients take an active interest in their own case and they will call you. Always to remember to return the phone call though.

In the end,, it is less trouble, time,, effort and energy wasted by me playing the role of nanny,, father,, mother,, therapist,, etc.,, rather than that of lawyer.

May each of you find a balance in your life that is full of harmony and peace.



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