Well, Knee Is Drained And We’ll See

Yesterday, I went to another doctor and even though I met his assistant,, he drained my knee from all the fluid that was there. I was surprised just how much fluid appeared in the needle.

I remember using a needle that size for cows and horses,, but never for humans. That sum bitch was huge. Anyway, a bunch of fluid came out and I immediately went and worked out on the bike, knee extensions and leg lifts. It felt sore, but I could tell the quad is firing and I feel like my knee might actually be working again.

I will make my trek to the gym this morning after writing and reading my emails,, work out rather hard and then see.

Hopefully,,, removal of the fluid,, which by the way,, hurt like hell,, will allow me to use the knee and not limp around. I hope the muscles in both sides will now work and the legs will look proportional,, instead of hulk on one side and a stick on the other.

I guess time will tell.

Have a wonderful day and may happiness fill your heart with joy.



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