In Trial,, Psychodrama Rules

I often say scene setting, reversing roles and doubling are the most important tools of a trial lawyer.

All these tools came directly from psychodrama and are all very useful in the court room of today.

I find that the training in psychodrama allows me to get much better at the 3 tools mentioned above and the added benefit of psychodrama is I become better,, stronger,, a new man.

My mentor, Gerry Spence is always saying work on the horse,, not get a better saddle. I’d rather have a 10.00 saddle on a $10,000.00 horse than a $10,000.00 saddle on a $10.00 horse,, or words to that effect.

I could not agree more. I must say this,, psychodrama has saved my life,, has allowed me to forgive things that cause me great trauma and pain.

Oh crap,, I think I just took the wrong medicine,, oh well,, it might get interesting today.

Anyway,, back to the story,, it is always great to see and learn about more psychodrama and more about my blocks and resistances.

I highly recommend psychodrama,, why not try it? If it doesn’t work,, oh well. Remember the first ice cream sandwich you ever tasted? Was it  cool, terrible,, oppressive,, miserable,, or was it fascinating,, a new experience and a new adventure full of excitement and love?

May each of you go on the greatest adventure of your life and may each of you have the greatest time in your life ever and may it be filled with joy for you,, kinda like the first time you tasted ice cream.



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