When Fear Appears, I Shut Down

I am in this seminar and I notice a number of things about me,, when fear appears or I get scared,, I check out,, I shut down.

It’s kinda interesting,, I see this pattern over and over and over again and I wonder if it is just me or if it is something (obviously) I need to work on.

I am meeting new friends,, reconnecting with old ones and have some needs that I need to meet. I often wonder if I’m not meeting them,, or if I people pleasing just to fit in to a group.

I notice that not even a nap helps me,, anger appears I’m okay,, helplessness appears,, I’m okay. Joy appears,, I’m there,, it’s just that damn being scared that shuts me down. Fear hold may be necessary.

I probably need that to advance and that’s what I’m seeing,, my needs at a time that allows body work to release certain traumas.

May each of you find peace, happiness and joy in your life.




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