And So Another Long, Long Day Yesterday

I start at 4:30 A.M. and end at 11:00 P.M.,, nonstop action,, drama and driving. I retrieve Ole Betsy and then go to my Hearne office, my Cameron office and down to San Antonio then to New Braunfels,, forgetting my id at jail and having to go back to San Antonio.

Whew,, it is a very long day. Today, I get on an aluminum bird and ride that metal to New York,, the check into my hotel,, go eat, work out and then get ready for more training in New York,, absolutely crazy,, I know,, but very healing.

I go to learn,, I go to belong,, I go to understand and most of all,, I go to be present.

Another intense psychodrama workshop,, this one for student directors from the very best therapists I know,, except for many of my other teachers,, and I am the only lawyer among them.

I learn the techniques,, I learn to love and I learn to heal.

I learn to heal,, I learn to heal. I learn and yearn to heal. I open my heart to the infinite wisdom and love and who knows,, I might just get better,, no,, I am getting better.

May each of you find peace in your journey of healing for the greater good of mankind.



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