A New Beginning

So here I am in my element,, the 3rd of 4 days of psychodrama and it’s time to rock. I love this new teacher I’m working with and I have one day off and then go to New York for more training.

I am so grateful that I get the unique opportunity to work on the stuff I love,, the interpersonal relationships that make life so interesting and fun.

I am truly blessed,, I can work on me in a group setting and work as a part of a group,, developing intimacy as I go,, developing trust as I grow and most importantly,, working on the horse and not the saddle.

As I grow older,, I learn many things,, I learn I can heal,, I can heal others,, I can heal myself and I can be a productive member of society and a builder of my worth to society.

I am getting better,, not worse. I am expanding my roles and thus I am more healthy.



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