In The End,, We All Die

In the end,, we all die. This Statement,, sad as it is,, tells us a lot about certain truths that matter the most in life.. We are born,, we sometimes have the illusion that we live,, then we all die.

It is the illusion that I want to write about today. We all are prisoners in our own minds as we go through out life,, unless and until we wake up and do something about it. That something is called living.

So how do we live,, when we are prisoners in our own mind? We knock down the walls of the prison and free ourselves from it.

How,, one might ask,, or another might say,, I’m really not confined,, I’m free. Are you really? Can you walk away from your job,, your spouse,, your children? Can you walk on the side of life that requires only being present? Can you give up the new SUV,, the trophy wife / husband? Can you leave the comforts of your own home and move to nothing? Or does nothing become something?

In a prison,, we are trapped,, we know the entire routine and know the surroundings,, in our minds,, when we are like this,, we imprison ourselves and die.

Are we all prisoners of our own minds? Or are we free?

I myself have lost everything in my divorce,, my value system is destroyed and I suffered for me severe trauma. I am no longer trapped. I am free. Oh sure,, I chose to represent people,, I chose to travel,, I chose to work on myself,, but I am free.

When I lost everything,, I suddenly became free. I live today free. I have choices and although the choices I make are not always good,, I make them and make them freely.

I hope you are free. May you find peace and happiness as you go through life each and every day and may you experience freedom.



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