What A Great Time In Houston

I am having the absolute best time in Houston,, living a dream,, living a dream. I am just experiencing the best time visiting old friends,, meeting new ones and taking a chance on life and new experiences.

I meet the most fascinating people in the world here and enjoying every minute of my stay. I stay with new friends,, old friends and meeting the enjoyable times in my life,, all because I am changing and I am present today.

My new friends are interesting,, don’t want to take advantage of me and want to have a great time.

I eat with them,, break bread with them and connect with them,, all because I am present,, you know,, really present.

I spend time with those who have positive energy and am finally realizing that I can meet and connect with all humans,, understand them and enjoy their life. I am feeling great and believe that finally the power in the universe is allowing me to drift into new journeys,, without forcing my way,, without fighting karma,, with nothing but love and positive energy from those I meet.

Ain’t life great?

May each of you find a great life,, have a great journey and a great time in your journey and may each of you tap into the incredible power of the universe so that all your dreams come true.



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