And So,, Ole Betsy Blows Up

I remember a time in my childhood when we as a family had a car named “Ole Betsy”,, a 53 Chevy. I remember that because one day,,  Ole Betsy quit working and dad took her out back and shot her,, or so my older brother or sister told me.

I really don’t think now that’s what happened,, but at the time,, it made sense. Anyway,, Ole Betsy was replaced with a new car and so on until the return of “Ole Betsy”,, my present car.

Now understand that my “New Ole Betsy” is actually a Crossfire and yesterday,, it blew up. Literally,, blew up.

I’m driving down the road on the way from Houston to somewhere near Dallas for court and bingo,, the “New Ole Betsy” blows up.

So I’m 60 or so miles from my destination,, without a car,, without a rental car agency,, and fortunately,, a tow truck driver comes along and guess what,, I’m magically transported to a Chrysler dealership about 10 miles away from the scene of “New Ole Betsy’s” demise.

I eat at the local Texas Burger and type my journey as I wait my client coming from Houston area to pick me up and be where we can be for tonight,, awaiting court tomorrow morning.

It’s kinda funny,, it’s kinda like Karma,, it’s kinda sad,, it’s kinda,, well you know,, different. I can cry or I can laugh,, and I’m stuck here typing until my client shows up and gives me a ride to the hotel.

Anyway,, maybe it’s time for a “New New Ole Betsy”,, maybe not. Maybe it’s time to fix “New Ole Betsy”,, maybe not.

Tomorrow will tell,, tomorrow will be a choice that I must make,, but it will be tomorrow when I make that choice.

May your journey be smooth and may you find bliss and happiness along the way.




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