Won’t You Help Me,, You Owe Me

Won’t you help me,, (you owe me),, is a phrase I hear quite frequently and it is one that I don’t have to buy into anymore, nor will I.

I have spent my life hearing and rescuing people from crap and nothing good seems to happen to me,, except heartache,, trouble and misery. I spent a very large portion of my life helping others and it is time to stop this crap.

Now then,, I don’t mean stop helping everyone,, I mean making choices about whom I decide to help,, not rescue. I must choose who to help,, not have someone require me to help them.

I realize that over time,, my choice may make some people very upset with me,, but then again,, I won’t be upset with myself. I can choose,, I won’t choose to help those who make demands on my time, effort and energy and then,, don’t appreciate it at all.

In the end,, I will decide,, not those who want me to decide. It’s called boundaries and I am getting better at using them.



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