Wednesday Trial Preparation Time

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to get ready for trial. I mean,, here we go again,, trial time. I can visualise the trial,, and I’m scared. I’m the new guy in town and although I’ve been in front of some of these Judges before,, the new guy in front of the new Judge representing a client facing life is not something I relish.

I often wonder what exactly the home field advantage is like. I wonder what I can do to make sure that I win and win big. I have my client’s life in my hands and I’m scared.

Throughout last year,, it seems like everyone allows me a pass on many cases,, because of my health. This year, however,, there is no mercy,, no forgiveness,, only trial.

I am afraid,, I face many new challenges and I am afraid. My fear of losing sometimes overcomes my ability to get into the arena. My fear of finishing second plays with my mind until I almost get paralyzed,, frozen in time and action,

Unable to express my true feelings to those around me,, I sit in fear of trial. I can not stand losing and can not stand finishing second in a two person race.

It seems to me the odds are always stacked against me,, that no matter what,, I face impossible odds. I am afraid and fear guides me.

I have no dread helping others with trial,, I fear my own trials,, my own examination of myself. I stand looking at me in the mirror and notice the flaws,, the imperfections,, and I feels the incredible fear immersing itself throughout my body.

I feel the power of fear and know the death sentence it means.

May each of you find yourself on your own journey and face any fear you feel.



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