Racehorse Witness Learning

It’s time for a racehorse witness session this week. I have a case where the client is in town for a very short period of time and we have to cover 100 witnesses in this abbreviated period of time,, and do it all without notes.

Now here’s the deal,, I’m interested in winning and because if the scheduling order from the court,, there is very little time to prepare for the witness list that must be submitted in this case.

So,, taking tips from psychodrama,, I’m going to learn about 100 witnesses without notes,, without a script and with only one double.

Impossible you say? I think not. In the stage of life and in trial anything is possible when you reverse roles. Anything in relationships is possible when you draw upon a social atom and anything is possible when you have the power to immediately cut to the core issue and get ‘er done.

So, racehorse witness preparation is necessary in this case as is many social atoms.

May each of you find peace and happiness in your life as you continue your own journey.




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