Therapy and More Therapy

It’s therapy time in Texas and it’s time to do some more work on me. I am working extensively on myself,, and although it may be conceited,, it is important to get to the bottom of me.

Some here I go,, off into the wild blue wonder of my mind and find out the deepest thing filed there in the recesses of my own self created prison.

In the end,, I benefit,, and no one looses. I believe that therapy is the universal cure for things that make us better,, not things that make us sicker.

I believe that in the end,, the more we are stretched,, the more we are resilient.

The more the undertake,, the better we become.

I believe it should be everyone’s goal to become a person on a mission to fully explore ourselves,,, thus we achieve mental balance,, mental health and happiness.

May each of you find joy and happiness in your life and may you search your soul until you can search no more.



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