Wow, More Health Issues,, But At Least I Know

Kids,, don’t smoke. Don’t smoke cigarettes, pipes,, pot or inhale any other things that can cause asthma. I went to the clinic yesterday because I felt like I am coming down with bronchitis and I want to get on a dosage of antibiotics in me as soon as possible.

I walk into the clinic and after several hours meet the doctor who listens to my chest and then decides to give me a breathing treatment. He asks me about any allergies I have,, evidently,, I don’t have any,, and then asks me about the incidents of pneumonia I have in the last few years.

I tell him about mostly the bronchitis I get whenever I am sick,, you know,, upper respiratory infections. He asks me about smoking,, I tell him the truth about smoking my pipe for years and pot.

I am then asked to try this breathing treatment and I agree. I breath into a tube for about 1/2 hour and guess what,, it helps. The doc comes back and says I have asthma.

He explains that the pockets in the lungs get filled with fluid swollen and bacteria breeds there when an improper exchange can not occur. That he says,, is asthma.

So here I am with a breathing machine,, an inhaler,, and antibiotics to stop the infection,, which is my trigger.

Bottom line,, kids don’t smoke. There are consequences to it.



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