In New York And Damn Tired

I’m in New york and I’m damn tired. It is amazing how much work is done when you emotionally do group therapy. I learn from my own dramas and those of my new friends’ dramas.

I believe it is a basic principle and rule that everyone is connected and the real healing occurs when the group shares their own experiences with each other,, especially the protagonist,, how you in your life were personally touched by watching the drama of the protagonist. In a lot of my sharing I am deeply touched by drama,, because the protagonist has done work that affects me personally,, similarities,, or perhaps I might share relating to their specific drama,, but understanding the opposite of what happened and seeing myself in the same situation with a different reaction to what I witnessed.

I am so thankful I get to play roles that are new and difficult for me,, because I experience a role that is not visibly present in me. The founder of psychodrama says,, words to the effect that the more roles we can play,, the healthier we become. This,, I find to be quite true. When I play the role of a “villain” or abuser,,  I experience a role that is not me,, but a part of me,, and I know that within me,, buried very deep is that role. I sit in the role and become it.  I feel that role. It does not consume me and as long as I can return to me, I know that I have touched and felt and experienced a part of me that is in everyone,, and now am healthier in becoming a human being and not a human doing.

I experience an opening of my inner self,, my psyche,, my essence and although it doesn’t mean that I am now that role,, I am able to understand that role and when I reverse roles with someone who is that,, I understand him or her much better and can experience them on their level,, rather than chose to judge or correct them.

Anyway,, enough said for tonight. May each of you expand your roles in life and become healthier.



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