So It’s Time to Talk To People In New York

I’m in New York and the people here are really cool. I am standing at the counter and had to fax a document and actually get it printed out to send to a client.

So, I’m here talking to a young fella named Dan who wants to go to law school. I’m pretty sure he’ll make a good lawyer because he takes the time to listen,, but then again,, law schools have this way of de-humanizing people and turning them into robots or things that do not feel human emotion.

It’s a damn shame,, law schools ruin perfectly good people who try to make a difference and teach them to become non-human and non-caring.

So, anyway,, here’s Dan,, this fella who will someday become a lawyer and I hope and pray that he will not lose his humanity.

Thank goodness for TLC,, thank goodness for lawyers who have humanity and care.

Remember,, the jury will never care how much you know,, until they know how much you care.






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