I Don’t Give A Damn,, New York Is Freaking Cold

I often wonder about the weather. Today,, over lunch,, 4 of us talked about the weather up here in New York. Most everyone was commenting on the extreme amount of snow and I of course,, asked but what about global warming?

I was stuck with the majority of the lunch bill,, so I’m learning to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway,, here in our little world we value safety and confidentiality,, so I can say this and not much more. I can say that I’m the only “lawyer” in the group and the group seems to me to be very smart.

I will not say anything else about the group except that we are all working very hard and are in my opinion the best group I’ve ever been with doing psychodrama work.

I took a vow of not disclosing anything about what other people did or said,, but I can,, I suppose,, if I choose,, tell about me and my experience with the group.

I really appreciate coming to this cold part of this frozen ball of dirt I call earth to have the privilege of working and most importantly learning from masters.

If you ever desire to explore your self,, to go on an archeological dig of yourself,, take a look a psychodrama. I can say this,, I love it and am probably addicted to it.

I wonder what it would be like for me if I didn’t find this method,, how would it affect my law practice and most importantly,, my life? I answer that by going to more and more seminars and learning from the best.

Anyway,, it’s damn cold up here and I’ve got to get ready for tomorrow and my morning at the gym.



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