Day One

It’s day one of the Psychodrama and I’m okay with the process, It’s a process that I can live with and in,, and I care,, I care,, I care.

I don’t know why I spend money doing the psychodrama half way across the country,, going to New york,, going through a blizzard and pouring my guts out reconstructing my life,, all over again.

I grow each and every time I process this wonderful system of exploring myself and getting to the bottom of me,, jut plain old me. I am a unique individual who seeks the truth about me.

I can not tell my client’s story,, unless I simply know my own. Period.  I get the story and the connections when I connect emotionally.  I have  to know me in order to tell my truth and that of my client.

It’s funny,,,  I zone out sometimes and I have trouble connecting with the group,, I attribute it today to just being extremely tired and I just need to really concentrate on being present.

I don’t want to be the group isolate,, nor necessarily the group star,, I need to work on being present. I notice that when I direct,, I am present,, and when I don’t direct or participate,, I feel left out. I need to do a drama on that and why I do it, that is not feel like I’m apart of the group.

Anyway,, just for me,, just for today,, the session went well and i zoned out attributing it to last night’s cluster-fuck of the freeway and 14 inches of snow,

Tomorrow is a new day,, and I’m looking forward to it,



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