San Antonio, Then New York

I have court this morning in San Antonio,, then I go to New York for a week of training. Some of you faithful readers, (all 2 of you),, may remember that last year at this time, I went to New York to train and lo and behold,, a spider bit me and I end up in ICU for about a week.

This year,, I’m back,, but I’m staying at a motel instead of taking a chance that I’ll be bitten by a spider and hopefully,, I’ll finish the training I started last year.

A couple of things have changed since last time,, 7 surgeries later and recovery from them is ongoing. I also have a better outlook on life and desire to finish certain projects that I started. I will be going out-of-state quite a bit more this year than last and in the end,, the amount of money I make won’t matter.

I have decided that the dedication I have to those less fortunate than me are the ones who deserve the talents I possess. I often wonder if I will be able to completely and fully understand the motivation of those who make the really big bucks,, but I also understand that I will,, God willing,, work until I drop.

So, I go on and on and on,, working till the end of time and always playing,, always.

I can say this,, last year was the absolutely most horrible year I ever suffered,, I won’t allow myself to repeat it. I will heal up and then go on the most fantastic journey I’ve ever been on,, that of life.

Today, I won’t work out until after I get back from court and the jail visits,, then I’ll pack,, put a little money into my account and get ready to take off for New York.

May each of you have a very peaceful day,, full of fun and life.



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