New York, New York

Well,, here I go again,, off to New York for class and fun. I went last year and was bitten by a brown recluse spider,, oh well,, 5 – 6 days in ICU,, Mersa and the beginning of the bionic man.

So, I’m off to do it again,, but staying in a motel this time. I can’t wait. The trainer is absolutely one of the best in the country at this and I,, if I don’t miss my plane will study at her feet on the original stage.

I can’t wait. I really can’t.

I have become a groupie and even though I hurt,, I’m going to get better and learn from the experts.

It is a wild ride this last year,, 7 major surgeries,, a divorce and starting all over again,, all over again. My life is great with the help of the therapists and the training I receive.

It is only when we deeply examine our own story that we may effectively tell the story of others. It is then that we may relate on a level so deep and profound that we “know” the other as if it is our self.

May each of you explore your self and get to know your own story so that you may tell the story of others.





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