It’s Concrete And Not As Much Fun As Before

Well, I’m here, and not having as much fun as before, It’ all about the profit. No more 99 cent shrimp cocktail,, no free lounge shows,, no more perks,, those days are gone forever,

I see this everywhere I go,, in actuality,, corporations are running the country and lawyers are the last line of defense.

Once we are gone,, once we are gone,, everyone looses.

Everyone, everyone,, I mean everyone looses.

Right after we are gone,, you will need us and we will be gone. You will suffer tremendous losses,, tremendous incarcerations,, tremendous injustices,, and we will be gone,,, forever.

You will have no one to blame but yourself and it will be too late. Wake up America,, we are one step away from slavery to corporations.

We deserve better, not worse. We deserve justice, we demand justice.

In the end,, your children will suffer and we will have done it to ourselves,, our desire to follow the myth of chasing the paycheck and equating that with quality of life will be destroyed and there will be no pension,, no retirement,, no health insurance,,, no gold watch and we will all be fucked.

Wake up and see that corporations don’t go to jail,, corporations win,, we all lose.

Stress for not seeing it sooner.


One Response to “It’s Concrete And Not As Much Fun As Before”

  1. Atticus Says:

    I hear you. I often say I love lawyers just to shock people, which I’m sure it does. Sorry I can’t be any help to you, other than feel free to drop by and read my blog once in a while. Good luck with your physical therapy and I hope the knee gets better.

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