It’s Big Vs. Little,, Money Vs. Underdog,, Corporate Vs. Individual

Vote No for the Texas Bar Amendments. It seems that one of the amendments requires hourly fees to be charged.

Think about that,, instead of $150.00 for a traffic ticket,, it now is $800.00 for the same ticket billed hourly.

The gianormus law firms are trying to eliminate small firms by making them charge hourly,, well,, doesn’t that destroy the ability of the small guy to get into court?

I mean,, if I spend 20 minutes on a case and solve it,, I win,, but if I spend 2000 hours on a case,, the client wins with a flat fee. Think about it,, a $20,000.00 fee for a serious felony, versus $350.00 per hour for a serious felony. Who wins?

2000 hours at $350.00 per hour vs. $20,000.00.

And big firms what happens when you eliminate the competition? No business,, remember worker’s comp? Of course not. Why? No more attorneys are involved in it at all.

Go ahead and eliminate any possibility of a small guy filing a lawsuit,, see what happens. You will go out of business very quickly when you can’t defend lawsuits brought by small people who can not afford to pay hourly to the attorney.

Oh well, ruin the law profession again,, deny justice to the small people,, continue to represent corporations who believe in this philosophy.

Guess what,, no more business,, corporations want to eliminate law firms,, they want in-house counsel for their troubles,, it improves their bottom line by just hiring one lawyer instead of a firm.

I hope you all can dig ditches,, because that’s what will happen when you vote yes.

Vote no.


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