Political Nightmare?

What will happen in 2012? Will we awaken to President Palin and vice president Hitler? Will we awaken to President Obama and vice president Biden?

I’m not sure, but I’m getting very nervous. I’m getting that sense of feeling that all is not well in this country and no matter what,, lawyers will give up and the document called the Constitution will die.

It seems to me today that young lawyers just want money. Money for everything they do. Money to give advice,, money to help an old lady across the street,, money to sue. Money to defend,, money, money,, money.

The only ones with money are the ones who are fucking the rights of the small people. Corporations,, banks and insurance companies keep fucking the small guy until there is nothing left. The government gets more and more powerful and kills and takes and imprisons citizens,, all to please those who have money.

We are all fucked in the future,, we just don’t give a damn anymore. Those who think they have freedom have nothing,, those who are slaves don’t even know it and those who want to “change” the system are getting fewer and farther in between.

Bring back Abby Hoffman,, bring back the heroes of the 60’s and fight the establishment. Fight the powers that be. Resolve to stand the course or else there won’t be anyone to stand up against the injustices you just haven’t suffered yet.



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