Today,, I Work

I’m going to Austin today to work on a case with a really great trial lawyer and friend of mine. I’m helping his client and him prepare for a deposition in a case that is going to trial.

I guess I enjoy helping,,, I no longer want to rescue everyone,, I just enjoy helping. You know,, lending a hand when one is necessary,, listening,, just being present for those I am around.

I admit I don’t always feel present,, although I’m getting better and better about being present,, I sometimes catch myself drifting,, drifting away to a happier place for me,, to a fantasy,, to a mountain,, or wherever. It then becomes my job to come back to the present.

I have been studying a lot about that,, drifting and what some in the mental health filed might call dissociating,, and I realize this,, at some times,, we all drift.

I’m no different or better or worse than anyone else in this area. My life needs to get less and less drama involved in it and as that happens,, I learn to get away from those that “suck” energy from me.

I am only available to listen,, not get into the drama.

Anyway,, when I drift,, I acknowledge to myself that I am drifting,, that I am going away from being present to somewhere else,, to not stop it immediately,, but to acknowledge it,, feel it,, and then learn to come back to the present.

I find that engaging with someone in their world is easier if I look for similarities,, not differences.

So there you have it,, drifting and coming back. I try to end the tele by reversing roles with that person and then feeling the feelings I have and ending in the present,, rather than somewhere else.

May each of you have a peaceful and joyous day and may you find happiness and bliss in your life in your journey.



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