Friday’s Knee Update

It’s Friday,, I have to go to Austin and my knee is still swollen and sore. I spoke with sawbones the other day and he said he took a lot out,, whatever that means,, but my knee is still swollen and sore and I’m not walking right.

I’m feeling like a fish out of water,, with a knee that is hurting,, kinda like those that are different and know it. I can’t do the simple things I used to do,, I can’t run,, I can’t kick and I even have trouble getting in and out of my car to go places.

I’m looking for some clothes today in Austin that might just fit me like a top,, but even that is difficult. Anyway,, I’m writing and just writing with no real purpose in place,, except to keep in practice.

This coming week will be a challenge,, as I offered to help a friend of mine do some work around the house and I have to climb a ladder to do it. Should be fun.

Anyway,, all I can say is this,, never try a case unless you are prepared and in trial shape. I’m not.



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