Thursday Morning

It’s Thursday morning and I’m going to the gym to work out and rehab my knee. I usually get up very early and try to get a workout in before I begin the day.

I write early in the morning, because I find my mind isn’t clogged with crap,, but today,, that’s not the case. I keep getting information that troubles me greatly,, both in my personal life and in my professional life.

I guess that when anyone gets to worrying,, the sleep goes out the window. I can vividly remember when I quit drinking,, the memories of everyday struggles and troubles kept flowing in,, but back then I slept. Today,, I don’t sleep as well.

A lot of the time,, it’s crap that I can’t worry about or control,, but occasionally, it’s crap I can do something about. I remember being in trials where I couldn’t sleep at all. My mind would not shut down and I’d be awake the whole night,, just thinking.

I hope the techniques I am learning will help with that. Sometimes,, though,, I still can’t sleep and as a result,, I stay up and worry or at least I don’t get much sleep.

Anyway,, tonight,, I’m staying over at a buddy’s house and maybe the conversation and working will allow me to get some sleep. The TV doesn’t work there and so I will not have any background noise.

When I stay at my place,, I am now keeping the TV on all night and for some reason,, it babysits me. I have gone from needing complete silence and no light to having some light and noise in the background and except when I worrying or thinking,, I usually get enough sleep.

Anyway,, it’s off to the gym,, then to court,, then to physical therapy.

I hope every one of you has a very relaxing and peaceful day and that happiness and joy find each of you in a state of bliss.




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