Well, I’m Soon going To Know If I Passed The “Test” Or Not

I took a test back in October of last year and soon will know if I passed it or not. I can tell you this,, it is the most difficult test I have ever taken and I am not certain that I even scored one correct anser on it.

I decided to take this test because the area of law I practice can be enhanced by my passing a simple 6 hour test of words and facts that no one ever uses or understands.

Anyway,, hopefully within the next few days,, I’ll know about it. I probably will take the test again if I don’t pass it,, however,, I’m not sure. I really studied for it and gave it a good shot,, but I’m not so sure if I can even remember any of the questions I answered.

People tell me that acceptance into the next level of practice is accomplished not by what degrees you hold,, not by what certificates you possess,, but by how much you care for your clients. I know in my heart that statement is true.

I hope each of you passes your tests that you have today and every day of your life and that you and your family is safe and free. May joy extend to each and every one of you through out this new year.



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