It’s Time For Trials This Year

I have been on a mission to get better and better and better. I have had 7 surgeries this last year,, been homeless,, starting over again after all these years of “blissful” marriage.

Last year, I really only tried one case and that’s just not enough. I am a trial lawyer and I need stimulation for what I do. Trying one case to a Judge is not the same as trying cases to a jury. It just ain’t the same.

I compare it to reading about the fine art of making love versus the act of making love,, it just ain’t the same.

Anyway,, this year I’m starting out with a new body,, still healing up from the last surgery,, but none the less,, a new body.

I am going to the gym this morning to work out,, then I go to Houston,, I think. I have not been able to reach my client by phone and if I can’t,, I ain’t going.

Anyway,, it’s time for the beast to be unleashed. Huh,, I like that,, unleash the beast.

Well,, I’ve said enough,, so it’s time to go. May you day be filled with joy and happiness and may you find peace in your journey of that thing I call life.



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