And So, A New Year Begins

I’m waiting to see if I passed that huge test I took in October of last year and I’ve been told that it will take a bit longer to get the results from the testing center.

This year, I intend to prosper,, with or without regard to my current status of advisers, friends,, networks or other contacts. I am certain that I can make a difference in this world and that is now my mission. I have a number of little bumps in the road to clean up,, but in the end,, these bumps will make me stronger,, healthier and wiser.

I know that the road to independence is clogged with crap,, the trick is not stepping in the piles and keeping my eyes on the goal,, while not losing sight of the scenery during the journey.

I will do this. It will be a great year,, just wait and see.



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