Happy New Year’s Eve

It amateur time. Time to go out and let those who drink and drive support my income. Time to allow those who desire to drink,, drink and those who desire to stay home,, stay home.

I myself have done enough drinking to support all the beer and alcohol companies for a very long time. You see,, I can no longer drink successfully. I can only drink to get drunk and that ain’t no fun.

I remember many years ago starting for new year’s eve 11 1/2 months before the actual day arrived,, then being so drunk,, I couldn’t keep up with the amateurs.

Well not this year,, not now. Tonight I will remain sober and enjoy remembering what I did. Tonight I will not throw up,, hug the commode,, or wake up with a hangover. Tonight,, I will stay sober.

So,, there you have it,, another great start of the new year,, sober.

May each of you find joy and happiness this holiday season and may each of you not wake up with a hangover.

Peace till next year.



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