Time To Get Up And Work Out Again

I haven’t worked out in a while. My shoulder has prevented me from lifting weights and my knee is preventing me from doing lower body work. I will drink my coffee this morning and then go down to the gym this morning to lift some weights and do some upper body workout.

I will attempt to do some stair stepper,, but I probably won’t be able as the knee will hurt too much. I have my follow-up visit with my doctor tomorrow and perhaps he won’t have to drain the knee. I sure hope he won’t as I understand that’s pretty painful and not what I’m looking forward to.

Anyway, here goes today’s topic. Taking care of myself this year. I have a tremendous year planned for me and it is time to make the most of it. I plan to work as much as possible this year, interspersed with recreation and health.

There is no reason why I can’t do what I’m capable of doing,, what I should be doing and what I will be doing. I am certain that in the end,, the days will pass and the body will either be a wreck or I will work out and get stronger and stronger.

I feel pretty good about the coming new year and I guess I’m ready to find out exactly what I’m made of. I will discover myself again and I will enjoy my life again.

Yesterday,, I ate at Katz’ deli in Austin. It’s closing after something like 37 years and I just wanted to go there and see it,, so I did. Personally, the Houston version of Katz is a much better eating place, but those in Austin will miss that prominent landmark after this year.

I guess in the end,, we are all like Katz’ deli,, just waiting until one day when we can no longer go on,, it’s over, finished and done.

Hopefully, this new year will be full of promise, joy and happiness for everyone.



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