Wow, It’s Raining In The Desert

I’m sitting in Starbucks,, supporting corporate America on this the 28th day of December 2010 and I notice the freshness of rain gently coming down around this glass front high-priced brick and mortar store.

I feel a sense of calmness coming over me as this year is about to end. I see many pollution generating motor vehicles driving by and the smell of diesel exhaust permeates the air.

I elevate my tender knee and do some of the exercises the therapist recommended while I write this article. I flex my quad and hold it for 5 seconds,, then relax,, all hoping that the miracles of modern witch-doctoring (surgery by sawbones) will allow me to get back shortly into the gym and rebuild muscle.

I suppose the article today should be about goals and the new year,, but what the hell,, I’m watching with anticipation the coming of this new year. I feel stronger, healthier,, mentally stronger and physically repaired for the most part.

As I down my $1.62 cup of Joe,, the smallest size. Somehow this corporate wonder manages to name it Vendee or tall,, I guess in some jurisdictions that’s fraud,, here it’s clever marketing.

I sit and I watch potential new friends go about their day,, seeing the expressions on their faces,, wondering just what they are thinking or better yet feeling. I wonder if the woman over there is happily married,, I wonder if the guy in the sweat suit really works out and all of a sudden my trainer comes in and well,, wishes me the best.

I wonder if she really knows the pain about surgery recovery,, I suppose so as she is in better shape than anyone else I know.

Well, tangents aside,, it’s time for goals.

1. Make money this year.

2. Get in better shape,, build muscle this year, bulk up.

3. travel.

4. Have fun.

5. Work on myself,, instead of everyone else.

6. Sue my damn insurance company and agent for what they did to me in early February / March.

7. Get back into trial mode.

8. Meet many new friends.

So there you have it from corporate America,, at a $1.62 a pop.

May each of you have a joyous and happy new year and may you find extreme bliss in everything you do.



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