Knee Problems

I learn as I go. Not all surgeries are successful. Take for instance my latest knee surgery. Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t successful,, I’m just saying that it is taking its time in recovery.

I guess not being 20 anymore,, I’m only 29,, the knee is not used to no activity. My knee moves a hell of a lot on the average,, more than 5000 flexes a day and I simply overdid it. I used my knee too soon after the surgery. I was going here and there and treating my knee like it didn’t even have surgery.

Boy was that a mistake. I should have done what I’ve done for the last 2 days. Nothing. I have had my knee up on pillows for the last 2 days and icing it for 20 minutes then stopping for a while.

I even force my knee to bend over 90 degrees and guess what,, it hurt. So now,, I have to pay the price of having a sore swollen knee and it is no fun at all. I am supposed to go to court,, to jail,, to the mall, but guess what,, I probably won’t for a while.

Anyway, in the end here’s what I learn. Surgery is a young man’s game,, I’ll stick with law.

May each of you have a peaceful and happy new year.



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