How Palin Became Vice President Material

I remember it well,, back in the last election. It seems like many years ago, but wasn’t that long ago. President to be John McCain had someone in mind to become his running mate. That someone was not Sarah Palin, but Ross Perot or Donald Trump.

President to be McCain people offered first Perot the job,, he rambled for an hour just to say no,, after using charts and graphs to explain his position. President to be McCain then bitterly disappointed,, turned to his advisers and asked about Trump.

Trump was busy fixing his hair and contemplating his 4th or 5th or 6th marriage and politely told McCain no thanks.

McCain’s people bitterly disappointed searched for any Republican and guess what,, they stumbled upon Palin at the very last-minute. Palin eagerly listened and asked just what does the vice president do? She accepted after her son decided it would be a good idea to do so.

McCain was not happy, but a Republican woman who is good-looking, supports gun rights and oh well, what the hell, he thought.

A few days later, John McCain was furious at his handlers, fired them and campaigned actively to lose the presidency. He appeared on Saturday Night Live,, made fun of himself and Palin and other comedy shows.

That’s the truth from Scoop.



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