Christmas Shopping

Well, it’s that time of year. Time to support your favorite corporation that has ruined America’s small family owned businesses. Go forth and buy from the mega-unpersonal-no feeling- no conscious – giant megastore. Go forth and destroy the family business.

Go purchase all those gifts for the loved ones made in foreign countries,, made with cheap labor,, made from child labor,, all to support the bottom line of these new Gods,, the gianormus corporations.

Make certain that you spend, spend, spend on crap made in another world,, made with no love or craftsmanship from those who brought you tort reform,, caps on the value of human life and made our country a third world country.

Go and buy with all your heart,, buy until every American is out of work,, out of hope and make damn sure those in power do not allow every American to get medical insurance.

Go forth and walk right past the homeless,, the hurt,, the ones we owe a duty to help,, those who suffer from incurable diseases,, and whom the profit minded insurance industry tells to go straight to hell.

Go forth and spend until your heart is content,, until you buy love from those whom you seek love. Buy, buy, buy until your spending equates with all those special moments you missed growing up or watching your children grow up,, while you are slaving for the new God,, corporate America.

Go and spend,, it’s your duty under the new power structure,, make those profits soar for corporate America. Spend, spend, spend.

Maybe someday,, the true spirit of Christmas will be remembered,, probably when corporations are outlawed.



One Response to “Christmas Shopping”

  1. Rosanne West Says:

    I think everyone has forgot the real meaning of christmas, i understand you Paul.(:

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