Day After Surgery

It’s one day out of surgery and I don’t believe what the doctor and nurses say. I’m quite certain they told me that I’d be almost able to dance today,, but that’s just not happening.

Anyway, I’d like to write about those men and women who have courage. Sometimes the courage comes at a great price for them. I am particularly fond of one Judge I know who has committed political suicide. He is again in the news,, this time granting bail to a defendant in a criminal case.

This Judge has become the political fodder of the tea party but in reality,, he is following the law,, not the political climate.

You see this Judge granted a reduction in bail for a defendant against the wishes of the district attorney’s office. Never mind that the defendant has NEVER had any previous criminal record and as we as criminal defense lawyers know,, the purpose of the bond is to ensure the appearance of the defendant in court.

There are 4, maybe 5 factors in determining the amount of bail for the defendant. One factor is the type of the crime, another is the  criminal record of the defendant, another is the likelihood of the defendant to repeat or commit more criminal activity while on bail and another is the safety of the public and for that matter the defendant as well. Most importantly is the guarantee that the defendant will show up in court for his or her court date.

The bottom line is this,, the district attorney’s office wants to try the case in the media and wants to make a statement that this fellow is guilty. Never mind a trial or due process,, he’s guilty,, so no bond.

Thank goodness a Judge who is committing political suicide knows and respects the law and isn’t a pawn of the district attorney’s office.

May peace be with you and may each of you find the courage to do something that makes a difference in someone’s life for the better.



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