Another Surgery

Well, it’s that time again. Time for my seventh surgery this year. Wow. I guess it’s amazing the technology that is available in the medical field today.

I can remember many years ago,, witch doctors were chanting unintelligible words while smoking herbs and dancing,, all standing over the bodies of the patient.

Today, we get drugs that knock us out and frankly can’t remember anything about what happens during the time sawbones performs his magic.

By the way, my doctor bought himself a new airplane and I suppose this will put him over the top and now he’ll get a jet.

Anyway,, back to the story. I will be out cold while sawbones cuts, dices, slices, and otherwise does something to my right knee. What he is gonna do,, I know not. I just know I’m gonna be in happy land and when it’s done,, I’ll wake up and I guess be on crutches.

May peace be with you throughout the day and may you find happiness and joy in your life as you journey through it.



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