Another Tribe Meeting

Today, our tribe meets and we will learn a little something about trial. Our teachers are ourselves and our clients. We learn by doing. We learn by the group and we learn by listening.

Our techniques may seem incomprehensible to most everyone else, but to us and to our clients,, we are the best teachers and trial lawyers ever.

We win our cases. We win. We Win. In our times of trouble we turn to the group and we listen to the tribe.

I can only say this,, members of the Trial Lawyers College rescued me from myself and my own prison by showing me the way to properly try a case and how to win.

Sometimes, people don’t want what we have and always trying to stop us from winning. It doesn’t work,, we always find a way to win. In the end, the practice of law will return to a time when it really meant something to be a lawyer and counselor. I stress the counselor moniker. It is over time that one perfects his art. I hope to have a lifetime to perfect mine.

May you have a peaceful day today.




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